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Kimball, though ailing for much of his stint as an apostle, enjoyed a rejuvenation for a time after becoming the 12th president and racked up at least 10 major tours, including visits to Scandinavia, Latin America, Asia, the South Pacific and Europe. Hunter flew to Mexico City during his ninth-month tenure as the 14th president. Hinckley wins the frequent flyer prize, piling up more than , miles as the 15th president. Barely three months into his presidency, Nelson is off to a strong start with his excursion to eight cities, stretching from London to Honolulu, in 11 days. The case of a fallen mission president Revelations came to light of a former mission president, Philander Knox Smartt III , who was dismissed and excommunicated in for unspecified misconduct after serving only 10 months in Puerto Rico with multiple young female missionaries. And therein, argues Brigham Young University student Rebecca Fetzer, lies part of the problem as Mormon girls and women come to grips with this MeToo moment. As Mormons, we need to be aware of the detrimental nature of this cultural definition of purity. Victims of sexual assault have their choice taken from them. And, Fetzer asks, do they preach it?

Family Feud: Mormon Edition

Here you will find many ideas relating to teaching and leading the LDS young women’s program. Young Women Leaders – pep talks, advice, leadership aids such as idea lists, worksheets and questionnaires, and answers to common questions. Firesides Sunday Evening Discussions – ideas for inspirational firesides and places to go for more ideas. Also gives special activity night ideas, yearly themes with ideas for each month, and ways to get out of the refreshment rut.

This is a game I found in some old files I have for a Jeopardy game for the youth. The game is based on the content of the For the Strength of Youth booklet that .

The Doctrine and Covenants, ed. In the last anxious hours before the Prophet Joseph Smith left for Carthage in June , his wife Emma asked for a blessing. Could she have been affirming her belief that God had called her to be the wife and companion of a latter-day prophet? Might she have been thinking of the ordinances she had received with him in , which promised her exaltation and a place by his side eternally? Or, after more than a year of anguishing over the principle of plural marriage, was Emma finally acknowledging that only by acting in concert with Joseph, even on this divisive issue, could she fulfill the revelation given to her fourteen years earlier through her prophet-husband?

Each of these two spiritual documents is better understood in relation to the other. Doctrine and Covenants 25 has long been read primarily as a revelation commissioning a hymnbook for the newly organized Church. Dating back to the eleventh century, their spiritual autobiographies record these sacred moments. Pratt brought her the gospel message and she was baptized, becoming one of the earliest and most faithful members of the Church.

Preceding the introduction of patriarchal blessings in the Church by three years, its form and content were very much their prototype. Why, then, we might ask, was this individual spiritual guide included in a book of scripture for all Latter-day Saints?

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Today our guest post comes from Amaryah Cannon: I have always loved visiting teaching, and I know that it is a central part of our work as disciples of Christ. Visiting teaching not only allows us to make friends with sisters in our wards, but also gives us opportunities to serve one another and develop Christ like attributes.

Our ultimate goal is for visiting teaching to be part of a fluid chain where visiting teachers can report how the sisters they teach are doing to their supervisors; those District Leaders can then report to the Coordinator, who then reports to the Presidency; and if needed, the Relief Society President can then report to the Bishop about needs individual sisters may have.

We wanted to focus more on individual women in the ward, not just numbers, and so worked to make sure that all of the questions require more than just a yes or no answer.

Family Feud: Mormon Edition. October 7, / Celebrations,Seminary,Young Men and Young Women / 28 Comments Guys, I could not be more excited about sharing Family Feud: Mormon Edition. Chris Romney put this together for his stake in Wisconsin and the game is amazing!

My Favorite Calling is Being a Missionary! Aloha my sweet family: I hope y’all are having a good day so far! It is so crazy how fast this month went by. I am learning and growing each and every day of my mission. Missionary work is hard work but always worth it.

Ever heard of Euless: Speed Dating, Relief Society Style

Ammon kicked him out of Jershon where Korihor went to Gideon. Here again he didn’t have a lot of success and was taken to their chief judge, Giddonah. Giddonah had Korihor bound and delivered to Alma the high priest. Korihor accused Alma and the other high priests that they were trying to get more power and authority and that was why they taught of Christ.

Alma told Korihor that none of the high priests were paid for their service. Alma asked Korihor if he believed if there was a God.

We have had so many changes in our Ward the past few months! And we want to send a huge THANK YOU to those sisters that have served in the past, and Welcome those that .

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He created His Government, Not man

I have five siblings in the faith and am thankful for the spirituality and community togetherness this religion taught me as a child. It’s factuality , however, is rubbish. Mainly we left because we chose to follow theteachings of Christ as found in the Bible, instead of the Christ created by Joseph Smith and Mormonism. Or to put it bluntly, we see Joseph Smith as anti-Christ.

Camile Clawson Brown- July, I was raised and baptised Mormon by my grandparents he:

Speed Friendshipping Activity We did this with the Relief Society sisters at church. This is based of “Speed Dating” where everyone gets minutes to talk to a person and then they ring a bell and you move to the next person to talk to and so on.

The Research Information Division November 18th, by John Mansfield [Editors—we hope that this unusual account of a Church-run focus group, along with the ensuing discussion, will be of general interest] The church was mostly quiet last night. Brother and Sister Markoff were in the cultural hall with their two younger children planning the stage arrangement for the Christmas program Sister Markoff has been rehearsing with Primary children for the past month.

Back upstairs, outside the Relief Society room, a few middle-aged parents sat waiting and talking. Brother Fletcher joked that we were going to find we had came for a half hour presentation encouraging us to prepare for senior missions. Some continued along that theme that we had actually been summoned to discuss lowering the age for senior missionaries. A quarter before eight, the Relief Society door opened, and four priests and six laurels walked out.

In we went, where a man in his young thirties sat dressed in a long-sleeved white shirt and tie. He started with a preamble regarding the Research Information Division of the Correlation Department. It had started out in the s with Neal Maxwell as its first director. General Authorities visit stakes and observe matters and form impressions, but that has limitations such as small sample size. The Research Information Division is tasked to use methods of social science to investigate matters the General Authorities of the Church are interested in.

He asked us to try to tell the truth, as opposed to feeling an obligation to be only positive and uplifting. And if there were no objection he would turn on his audio recorder.

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I miss spending time with those cute little girls twice each month. We had a lot of fun together. You can check out some of the fun things we did together here. I am a counselor in the Relief Society Presidency of our ward which is the organization that oversees and serves all the women 18 years and older.

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If it was as good as it was in email format, then those sisters who listened to it had quite a treat. Later, I’ll follow-up with a few other posts about why this lesson struck me so. What great things do we want to come to pass? Ultimately, the truly great thing we all want is exaltation for us and our family. So what are the small and simple things that can greatly affect us and our families in that journey to exaltation? To name a few: Scripture Study, Prayer, Sabbath observance, faith, repentance, partaking of the sacrament, word of wisdom, what you view, what you read, what you listen to, your internet practices, magnifying your calling, modesty, tithing, temple attendance.

As are the most recent Conference issues of the Ensign.

Teaching President Hinckley: February

Bishop storehouses, for example, exist throughout the world, and they serve as a repository of goods that are accumulated through fast offerings and offerings of members of the church that are made available to bishops to distribute on a case-by-case basis according to the needs that he’s aware of at the individual level. When it’s brought to his attention through the home teachers or through the Relief Society president [that] there is a case of need or destitution within the church, then the Relief Society is charged with visiting the home of that individual, assessing the needs, filling out the welfare order, which is then submitted to the bishop, who approves it.

Then an actual order is passed on to a bishop storehouse, where those goods, those foodstuffs and materials that are required, are delivered to that individual, so that at every level there’s supervision, there’s accountability, and there is that close interaction between the bishop and the individual members of his ward that occurs throughout every ward, at every area within the church.

Can you talk about the remarkable efficiency with which Mormon relief efforts operate? The efficiency of the Mormon welfare apparatus is really legendary.

Sheri Dew: Living the unexpected life She is the second counselor in the LDS Relief Society general presidency. “I began dating in , which means I have dated in the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s.

There are so many awesome ideas on Pinterest – you can find pretty much any printable download you desire! We needed to make this party cheap, so I modified it a little. We bought brown wrapping paper from the Dollar Store and wrapped cardboard boxes and put “Brown paper packages, Tied up with string. We set those on the front table.

We had a popcorn bar for our treat. I meant to bring cinnamon and sugar, but I forgot. To keep with the brown paper bag theme, I cut brown lunch sacks in half, and that is what we used to put the candies in. We also put nametags so that the ladies could easily see what there was to put on their popcorn. As the women came in, I had them fill out a little card that had 3 questions.

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November Newsletter Hi Sisters! We hope everyone enjoyed general conference. One of our favorite talks was by President Russell M. To the Women of the Church:

TERRYL: It felt that way, and she said I’ve served as a relief society president, I am a temple Mormon, I’m a committed lifelong saint, she said “But I’ve read things that suddenly leave me wondering and doubtful” and then the question came. She looked into my eyes and she said “I need to hear from you.

Strengthening individuals, marriages, families and communities Monday, May 12, Speed Friendshipping Activity We did this with the Relief Society sisters at church. This is based of “Speed Dating” where everyone gets minutes to talk to a person and then they ring a bell and you move to the next person to talk to and so on. We had two rows of chairs set up to face each other and then had one row move down a seat each time.

All the ladies loved having the chance to get to know each other better and it was fun to hear all that chatting going on! This could be adapted for use with teens, men or even at school, work, or at a neighbor party. How did you get your name? Are you named after anyone? What baby names do you like?

Valdosta 2nd Ward Relief Society: Sister Spotlight

I miss spending time with those cute little girls twice each month. We had a lot of fun together. You can check out some of the fun things we did together here. I am a counselor in the Relief Society Presidency of our ward which is the organization that oversees and serves all the women 18 years and older.

The Mormon Land newsletter is a weekly highlight reel of developments in and about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, whether preached from the pulpit or buzzed about on the back.

ZERO of the ideas. And since I get so many things from the great web, I thought maybe it was time I give a little back. I first got the idea on Pintrest, of course, when I saw this pin: What an awesome idea! Everyone knows that what women really want is to just chat, and the idea of getting to know the sisters better was an awesome one. My amazing crafty person decorated the tables. But we did a polka dot theme — super easy.

Good Speed Dating Questions to ask

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